Mission & Values of Our Direct Primary Care

Our Mission

At Doc Matt Direct, we blend convenience and affordability with a traditional doctor-patient relationship by eliminating insurance companies and providing direct primary care that’s available when you need it most.

Our Values


You are more than just a chart or a case number. We see you as an individual and understand your unique health needs. You can be assured that we will always treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve as we work with you to provide the best care you need for your health.Dr Matthew Hong


As a board-certified primary care physician in Durham, NC, Dr. Hong provides you with the quality care that goes beyond treating the symptoms of an illness. We believe in offering in-depth care that gets to the root of your health concerns while offering preventative care to live your healthiest life.


In order to provide you with quality, compassionate care, we need to get to know you as a person. At Doc Matt Direct, we strive to build relationships with our patients because we understand the importance of feeling comfortable and trusting your physician. You’ll never feel rushed, and we make sure to take the time we need to address questions and give honest answers.


We know you’re busy, and we value your time! Sometimes it’s not possible to take time off work or bring all the kids when you need to see your doctor. We believe in being available to our patients on their terms, whether that’s by a text message, a same-day appointment, or even a house call!


With the cost of healthcare skyrocketing, too many people are having to choose between healthcare and other necessities. We believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, and that’s why we provide affordable care to all our patients, without worrying about insurance companies.

How Does Direct Primary Care Reflect Our Values?

Matthew Hong, M.D. is a board-certified primary care physician in Durham, NC who is passionate about ensuring that every patient receives quality, compassionate care at an affordable price. Because insurance companies are directly responsible for the breakdown of doctor-patient relationships and the rising costs of healthcare, we have chosen to eliminate the middleman and provide care directly to our patients.

We know that direct primary care may seem revolutionary (or, some say crazy!), but by not having to answer to insurance companies, we are free to provide every patient with the optimal care for their needs. Because there’s no insurance paperwork or billing, we can devote our time to what matters: working with our patients. When you’re a patient at Doc Matt Direct, we promise you an unparalleled doctor-patient experience that includes:

  • Affordable monthly pricing with no surprise bills
  • 24/7 availability via text, phone, or email
  • In-depth office visits where you’re never rushed
  • House calls when needed

While we are a modern, state-of-the-art facility, regarding treatment, equipment, and diagnostics, when it comes to cultivating relationships with our patients and providing them with individualized care, we are proud to bring back tradition!

Contact us today to become a patient!