Meet Our Primary Care Physician

Dr. Matthew Hong is a board-certified primary care physician in Durham, NC and the proud founder of Doc Matt Direct. With a passion for providing patients with a better alternative to traditional, insurance-driven, fee-for-service health care, he chose the direct primary care model that eliminates the middleman and make it possible to provide affordable care without sacrificing quality.

Strong Doctor-Patient Relationship

In addition to accessibility and affordability, the direct primary care model allows a stronger doctor-patient relationship. He wants to get to know his patients as individuals and wants you to get to know him on a first name basis. (That’s why he goes by Doc Matt!).

Personalize Healthcare

Doc Matt understands that personalized healthcare is the best care and takes into account each patient’s individual needs, lifestyle, and health concerns. He blocks out longer appointment times instead of rushing through appointments, so he can take the time to cultivate the trust and comfort that is necessary in a doctor-patient relationship, making sure to answer each question, discuss concerns, and ensuring that each patient feels confident and comfortable with their care.

High Availability

In addition to being available to his patients when they’re in his office, he is there for them when they’re home, work, or traveling by embracing technology to treat his patients and make sure they can reach him in the way that works best, whether that’s through phone, text, email, or Facetime. In order to provide 24/7 availability, cut down on waiting times, and provide individualized, customized care, he limits his practice to only around 500 patients, as opposed to the 2,000+ patients most doctors carry.

Experience You Can Trust!

In addition to a wealth of compassion and concern, Doc Matt brings over 25 years of experience in all aspects of family medicine. Prior to opening Doc Matt Direct, he was a staff physician at Cape Regional Physician Associate in North Cape May, NJ, a staff physician at Saudi Aramco in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia, and an urgent care physician at Carolinas Health Care in Matthews. He studied at Brown University, received his MD from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and completed his residency at Chestnut Hill Family Medicine through University of Pennsylvania.

Doc Matt is looking forward to working with you and providing the affordable, accessible family medicine in Durham, NC that you deserve! If you’d like to be a patient at Doc Matt Direct or learn more about our primary care, call us at 919-214-2175 or fill out our contact form.