Direct Primary Care Patient Reviews

The quality of care I get at Doc Matt Direct is amazing! The whole staff is friendly and inviting, and I never feel rushed at all! It's so nice to be treated like an individual instead of just another patient number.
Suzanne W.
Durham, NC

Switching to Doc Matt was the BEST thing I've done for my healthcare. When I need to make an appointment, I can get in the same day or the next day at the latest. Best of all, I don't spend hours in the waiting room or exam room waiting for the doctor just to be rushed through my appointment.
Allison M.
Durham, NC

At my old doctor, I'd spend hours waiting to be seen, and that was even if I could get in - usually if I was sick I was just told to go to urgent care. Doc Matt Direct is a completely different experience - if I'm sick, I can call and get an appointment the same day and even get my prescription right there (and it's a lot cheaper than the drugstore.) I'm recommending him to everyone I know.
Jim E.
Hillsborough, NC

My wife and I are saving THOUSANDS of dollars a year in medical costs! Before I started seeing Doc Matt, I was paying several hundred dollars a month for my insurance premiums, PLUS copays, prescriptions, and deductibles. Now, I have a cheap emergency insurance plan "just in case," along with being a Doc Matt member, and it's awesome. I don't have to stress about whether I can afford to go to the doctor when I'm sick or worry about finding an urgent care that takes my insurance.
Josh H.
Chapel Hill, NC

Everyone at Doc Matt Direct is so friendly and patient-focused, especially Doc Matt! He always takes plenty of time during the appointments to answer my questions and understand my concerns. Plus, if I have a question about anything, I can call any time I need to, which is SO convenient since I have small children!
Beth O.
Durham, NC

I have diabetes and other health problems, and I originally made the switch to Doc Matt to save money since my medical costs are so high. Not only do I save money on my medical care (even prescriptions and tests!), but Doc Matt is fantastic! He's so personable and easy to talk to that I have no problem discussing health issues with him!
Gina D.
Durham, NC

I just graduated college and am a freelance graphic designer. Most health insurance plans were several hundreds of dollars a month and the coverage was awful. Since I didn't have insurance, the one time I got a sinus infection, I had to pay $115 at urgent care and $26 for a prescription. I was looking at some options online and found Doc Matt and was so excited to see that I could afford to go to the doctor without shelling out a ton of money! I got a "catastrophe plan" through the Marketplace for less than $100 a month (in case I get in a car accident or something really bad) and go to Doc Matt for all my checkups and if I get sick. Best part - Everyone at the office is great! They're so friendly and they genuinely care about their patients, especially Doc Matt. Five stars - would DEFINITELY recommend!
Chris L.
Chapel Hill, NC

My husband and I have three kids (age 14, 11, and 9), and we all go to Doc Matt Direct. When one of us gets sick, we've always gotten in the same day to see the doctor, and we're not stuck there waiting for hours. We get in, get taken care of, and are on our way - SUCH a welcome change to urgent care or the ER!
Amy A.
Durham, NC