Affordable Healthcare Options - Direct Primary Care

Affordable Primary Care Doctor DurhamDurham direct primary care providers, like Doc Matt Direct, make it easy to get the care you need when you need it at a price that works for any budget.

Modern Healthcare Is NOT Working

  • Skyrocketing costs and poor access
  • Insurance companies dictating care
  • Minimal face-to-face contact and long waits
  • Long waits to see your doctor

Durham Direct Primary Care Providers Offer Quality, Affordable Health Care

  • Eliminates Insurance & Fee-for-Service Billing: Without the middleman dictating fees and determining care, we can lower our costs and overhead. We pass those savings on to you without sacrificing quality.
  • Affordable Health Care for Patients: You only pay a low monthly fee that covers all your primary care needs without worrying about a copay, deductible, or out-of-pocket fees that blow a hole in your budget.
  • Unlimited Office Visits & 24/7 Access to Your Durham direct primary care providers: Affordable doesn’t mean inaccessible. We’re here when you need us via unlimited office visits, same-day appointments, or reach out via email or text.
  • Traditional Doctor-Patient Relationship: By not answering to insurance companies, we spend more time with you, learning the best avenues of treatment and providing personalized care leads to your best health.

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