Benefits of Direct Primary Care

In our mission to provide affordable, accessible care to our patients in Durham, NC when you need it most, we chose a direct primary care model of service. This innovative system allows us to reduce our administrative costs, spend less time shuffling paperwork, and stop having to tailor our care to demands from the insurance company.

But what does this mean for our patients? With less overhead cost and less paperwork, we maintain a patient listing of only 500 people, compared to the 2500 patients the average primary care physician carries. By cutting out the middleman, we can pass the main benefits of direct primary care on to you!

Patient Room of Durham Primary Care Doctor

No Surprise Costs or Copays

Instead of worrying about copays and deductibles and balancing your budget with your health needs, you simply pay a low monthly membership fee for unlimited office visits, annual physicals, and access to the wide variety of services we offer. It’s accessible, personalized care without surprises.

Never Feel Rushed or Hurried

A smaller patient roster and less paperwork means we spend more time doing what we love: treating patients. We want to return to the traditional doctor-patient relationship by providing customized care based on your unique needs. We’re here to take all the time you need to answer your questions, address concerns, and make sure you receive the personalized care, wellness education, and preventative treatment you need for optimal health.

24/7 Access to Your Primary Care Physician

We know the need for medical care extends beyond traditional business hours, so we’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you just have a question, you’re feeling sick while traveling, or you can’t get away during work, we’re here when you need us. Email, text, phone, and video call –  communicate with us in your preferred way and always speak with Dr. Hong.

Same-Day Appointments For Illness or Injury

Instead of having to wait three or four days to see a primary care physician or worry about getting hit with the high costs of urgent care and emergency room treatment, we offer same day appointments. If you get sick, reach out to us, and we’ll get you in the same day! No more waiting, no more surprise expenses – just quality care so you’ll feel better fast.

House Calls

If you just can’t make it in to see us or to pick up a prescription, let us know! At Doc Matt Direct, we are proud to bring back traditional family medicine to the Durham area, and that means we don’t just offer primary care when you need it, we offer it where you need it. From dropping off a prescription to treating illness, we’ll come to you to get you taken care of.

Annual Physicals Customized to Your Care

One of the greatest benefits of direct primary care for patients is the personalized care you receive to ensure better health. We begin our doctor-patient relationship with an initial physical where we discuss your health history, current concerns, and lifestyle, paired with a thorough exam and lab work. We can use this information to discuss customized goals for your health, and we will work with you to make them happen. Each year, we’ll provide a physical that specifically addresses your health while providing an updated care plan to help you live a full, healthy life.

Health Management

We want you to experience your best health and wellness and are here to not only provide routine care and treatment of acute illness, we also provide ongoing care for chronic conditions. As a board-certified family doctor, Dr. Hong is available to help you manage long-term health issues including diabetes, high blood pressure, and asthma with personalized treatment, in-depth education, and the support you need to experience your best health.

Low-Cost Prescriptions & Labs

In addition to providing affordable health care, we are also able to provide low-cost prescriptions along with discounted services such as lab screenings. We purchase common medicines at wholesale pricing and negotiate reduced rates with labs and pass that saving on to you. No more long lines at the pharmacy, worrying about if your budget can handle the price of a prescription, or getting a large bill for necessary tests.

In-Office Procedures and Services

As part of your monthly membership, we also provide numerous in-office procedures to save you time and money. These include:

*There is a small fee for medication associated with joint injection and breathing treatment. We always discuss additional fees prior to service.

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