Establishing Direct Primary Care

About Direct Primary Care

  1. Establishing Direct Primary Care

    primary care doctor establishing care appointment

    At Doc Matt Direct, we believe that personalized care is better care, and we seek to tailor your healthcare plan to your unique needs as soon as you join us as a patient! In order to get to know you and get a clear snapshot of your health, your initial visit to our direct primary care […]

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  2. Health Management with Direct Primary Care

    Durham, NC Primary Care Provider

    We understand that living with an on-going health issue such as diabetes or asthma can impact your life and, without the proper care, lead to dangerous complications. At Doc Matt Direct, we understand the unique needs of chronic illness. We make sure you never have to face your illness or health issues alone or worry […]

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  3. Direct Primary Care is Convenient Care

    Durham, NC Direct Primary Care

    At Doc Matt Direct, we are passionate about bringing accessible family medicine to our patients in Durham, NC. We understand that illness, injuries, and health concerns don’t happen during business hours, and we know you don’t have time to wait three or four days until an available appointment time.   That’s why we have chosen […]

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  4. Preventive Care and Health Maintenance

    Durham, NC Preventative Care

    There’s no question that it’s better to prevent illness before it starts rather than getting sick and finding treatment. While some illnesses are inevitable, there are many chronic conditions that are completely avoidable with the right preventive care and health maintenance. So why do so many Americans skip preventive care such as vaccinations, screenings, and […]

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  5. Quality Care Takes Time

    Durham, NC Direct Primary Care Doctor

    Aside from cost, one of the chief complaints in our healthcare system is that primary care doctors don’t spend enough time with patients. While this is frustrating for patients who are tired of feeling rushed through visits or don’t have the opportunity to ask questions, even doctors are struggling with the lack of face time […]

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