Accessible Family Medicine in Durham, NC

Direct Primary Care is Convenient Care

At Doc Matt Direct, we are passionate about bringing accessible family medicine to our patients in Durham, NC. We understand that illness, injuries, and health concerns don’t happen during business hours, and we know you don’t have time to wait three or four days until an available appointment time.  

That’s why we have chosen the Direct Primary Care model that allows us to work with fewer patients and spend more time with them, which allows us to provide high quality, compassionate care when it’s needed most. We are available to treat you and your family in a way that works best for you, whether you need to get checked out, have a quick question, or can’t make it into the office but still need a doctor.  

Same-Day Appointments

Due to excess paperwork from insurance companies and patient rosters soaring above 2,000, the average wait time to see a physician is 24 days. When people are sick, they can’t wait days or weeks to see their physician, leading to expensive visits to urgent care or the ER.

We believe family medicine in Durham, NC means being there for our patients in their time of need. Because we eliminated the insurance paperwork and keep a patient roster four times smaller than average, we offer same-day appointments. 

Call us with a concern such as the flu, allergies, or an ear infection, and we’ll fit you in that day. If it’s after-hours, we’ll get you in as soon as possible the next day.

What do same-day appointments mean for you? Not only does it mean less time sick, but it means less time off work and avoiding the high costs of urgent care and the emergency room. At Doc Matt Direct, we also dispense prescriptions on-site, so you can skip the pharmacy and start feeling better fast.

24/7 Availability

Forgot to ask a question during your physical? Give us a call! Have a strange insect bite on your arm? Snap a picture and text it to us! Not only do we take out time during office visits to empower you with knowledge about your healthcare and treatment, we know questions and concerns happen outside office hours.

Whether you think of a question you forgot to ask during your appointment, you are feeling sick during the night and unsure what to do, or you have concerns about a medication, we’re there 24 hours a day for you via phone, text, or email. Reach out the way it works best for you, and we’ll get back to you in moments, not hours, even overnight!


What happens if you can’t make it into the office or you get sick while you’re traveling? We can meet with you over video chat to help you with your health concerns. We want to do everything we can to ensure you get the care you need when you need it, and we’re using technology to make it happen.   

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