Preventive Care and Health Maintenance

Preventive Care and Health Maintenance

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There’s no question that it’s better to prevent illness before it starts rather than getting sick and finding treatment. While some illnesses are inevitable, there are many chronic conditions that are completely avoidable with the right preventive care and health maintenance.

So why do so many Americans skip preventive care such as vaccinations, screenings, and yearly physicals?

One recent study that looked at the rate of receiving 15 top preventive healthcare services that included cholesterol screening, depression checks, and discussing an aspirin regimen found that only 8 percent of people received all 15 services.

Skipping Preventive Care

The majority of people who are doing without annual physicals, routine screenings, and other preventive medicine blame cost. For people without insurance, the price is simply not affordable. Those that do have insurance may receive a yearly physical as part of ACA-mandated preventive services, but anything more gets skipped due to cost.

Even when services are covered, other reasons for skipping services include:

    • Not having a regular family physician
    • Seeing a physician only when sick
  • Not knowing what preventive services are important or when to get them

Why is Preventive Care Important?

Preventive care leads to better patient outcomes and a reduced rate of chronic health issues including diabetes, metabolic disorder, cancer, and heart disease. Having a close relationship with a family physician will ensure those proactive services, including a thorough yearly physical exam, in-depth labs and screenings, and wellness education about nutrition, smoking cessation, and other vital topics.  Patients are empowered to take charge of their health, while their physicians can develop custom health plans for their unique needs.

Doc Matt Direct Makes Preventive Care Accessible

At Doc Matt Direct, we use a direct primary care model of healthcare. This means our patients are members who pay a low monthly fee, which covers unlimited office calls, 24/7 availability, low-cost prescriptions, and a wide array of preventive services. Our patients receive:

    • Annual Physicals
    • Routine immunizations, including flu shots
    • Wellness education and counseling
    • Regular screenings
  • Discounted lab services

Most importantly, our patients receive personalized care. Our patient roster is a fraction of what the average family physician sees which allows us to spend more time during appointments discussing your unique needs and specific health concerns. The result is a combination of standard preventive care along with a tailored health plan designed to help you experience your best health and quality of life.

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