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Aside from cost, one of the chief complaints in our healthcare system is that primary care doctors don’t spend enough time with patients. While this is frustrating for patients who are tired of feeling rushed through visits or don’t have the opportunity to ask questions, even doctors are struggling with the lack of face time with their patients. The end result to shorten visits and impersonal care? Worse patient outcomes.

Current Healthcare Doesn’t Support a Doctor-Patient Relationship

The average time a doctor who relies on fee-for-service payment spends with a patient is only around 15 minutes, though, for patients in their 30s, the average time is less, at only 11 minutes. It’s not that doctors don’t want to spend time with their patients – quite the contrary. They see the value and importance of more personalized care and know that it leads to improved health for their patients.

The issue is that our current healthcare system doesn’t support personalized care or a traditional doctor-patient relationship due to the demands of insurance companies. Insurance companies have lowered disbursements to doctors and are flat out refusing to pay for treatments at a rising rate (despite elevating premium costs). The end result is that physicians have to take on larger patient rosters and schedule more appointments each day.

The average primary care doctor has a patient list of around 2,300 patients. In order to keep up with that size of a panel, they have to decrease their appointment times, often leaving patients feeling rushed and having their questions go unanswered.

Compounding the problem is the increase in administrative tasks that are expected. Doctors spend roughly 50 percent of their day doing admin work, such as maintaining electronic health records.

Direct Primary Care Doctors are Increasing Time with Patients

Direct primary care, a model of healthcare that eliminates insurance companies, is providing patients with more personalized care. Direct primary care doctors are spending between 30 and 60 minutes with their patients at each visit simply because they don’t have to deal with the red tape of insurance and because they can carry a patient load of only around 500 patients.

Without having to spend 50 percent of the day charting information for insurance companies and with a significantly smaller patient panel, a direct primary care doctor can spend more time with the patient instead of trying to rush from one to another. This means the doctor can ask more in-depth questions, get to know their patients, and get to the root of symptoms. On the other side, patients can ask questions and are empowered to take control of their health and make more positive lifestyle choices. This personalized care means a better patient outcome and a stronger doctor-patient relationship.

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At Doc Matt Direct, you’ll find a direct primary care doctor in Durham who is here when you need him. Instead of rushed visits and unanswered questions, we can take our time and get to know our patients – not just their health chart, but who they are as an individual because we know personal care is better care.

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