Joint Injections

If you struggle with joint pain or arthritis, corticosteroid injections from Doc Matt Direct can provide relief from joint pain and improve your mobility.

What are Corticosteroid Injections?

Corticosteroids are anti-inflammatory agents that slow the accumulation of cells that inflame your joints and cause pain. Along with anesthetics, they make up joint injections, which are especially effective when treating inflammatory forms of arthritis like rheumatoid arthritis.

Depending on your condition, relief can last weeks, months, or years. Joint injections are effective for most joints, including the spine, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, elbows, hips, and hands. While your appointment for injections is covered in your monthly membership fee, there may be a small charge for the medicine in these injections.

How are Joint Injections Administered?

Whether you have been previously diagnosed with a condition that requires joint injections or Doc Matt recommends them, they are a quick, effective procedure.

When it is decided that joint injections are a good treatment for you, Doc Matt will administer the injection by determining the best medication and dosage. The area will be numbed with a topical numbing agent before the injection is administered. It is recommended that you avoid physical activity that may be taxing to the joint for 48 hours following the injection.

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