Minor Injuries

Minor Injury Treatment at a Low Cost!

Minor injuries can happen to anyone, anytime. Whether you it’s a sprain, cut, scratch, or bump, Doc Matt can treat your injury so you can get back to your life.

Our direct primary care practice treats the following minor injuries:

  • Sprains & muscle strain
  • Joint pain
  • Cuts & scratches
  • Bites & stings

Your treatment for minor injuries and cuts includes any stitches or sutures (and their removal later) along with wound care so you heal up quickly.

With direct primary care, your monthly membership payment includes unlimited visits with Doc Matt. No matter how many follow-up appointments your injury requires, you’ll never pay extra for more visits. That’s one of the advantages of direct primary care.

When You Have a Minor Injury, Call Doc Matt Direct

If you’re looking for a direct primary care provider in Durham, make Doc Matt Direct your first choice. As a board-certified doctor, Doc Matt is committed to improving your health with affordable primary care. To learn more about direct primary care or to become a member, call 919-214-2175 or fill out our online contact form below.

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