Wellness & Physicals

Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Physical Examinations

Regular physicals are a key part of living a healthy life. At Doc Matt Direct, your annual physical exam isn’t just another appointment, it’s a chance to discuss your health and your goals so you can be your happiest and healthiest. We recommend having a physical at least once per year to make sure that your health is always on track.

Physicals Exams With Direct Primary Care

Where other doctors may spend a short amount of time with you during a physical, Doc Matt spends an average of 60-90 minutes with his patients during their annual physicals.

What is covered in a physical exam?

During your physical, Doc Matt will discuss your health history, pre-existing conditions, family history, and any concerns you have. While the components of your physical may vary based on your age, gender, risk factors, and health history, there are several common aspects in routine checkups:

Vital Signs
Your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature tell us a lot about your health. Doc Matt will check all of these and listen to your heart and lungs for irregularities.

Physical Exam
The majority of your time during your physical will be spent on the physical examination. Doc Matt will examine your tonsils, abdomen, arms, legs, feet, hands, skin, and reflexes to ensure you’re in top shape.

Routine Blood Work
We will draw blood for a basic blood panel to check your vitamin levels and look for diseases like anemia, diabetes, or liver disease. Depending on your age, we may also perform a cholesterol test.

Skin Check
If you have a history of skin cancer or have questionable birthmarks, freckles, or moles, Doc Matt will examine them. If necessary, a biopsy or removal can be performed in-office.

Pre-Participation Physicals

Many activities require a physical for participation. Whether you or your children need physicals for sports, camp, college, or a job, we’ve got you covered. Physicals are always covered with your membership fee, even pre-participation physicals.

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