Small Business Healthcare You Can Afford

Provide the Care Your Employees Deserve

Providing quality healthcare to your employees has countless benefits. You’re able to attract better employees and reduce turnover while minimizing absenteeism and improving employee satisfaction. Most importantly, you’re providing a healthier workplace for your team!

However, due to skyrocketing insurance premiums, small business healthcare plans are becoming inaccessible. Less than 30 percent of small businesses are offering a health insurance plan for their employees, and often, the employee deductibles and out of pocket costs are so high, they can’t take advantage of the plans you are helping to pay for.

Fortunately, with an innovative new model that makes small business healthcare accessible and affordable, you can provide coverage without sacrificing the quality of care your team deserves.

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What is Direct Primary Care

Direct primary care is a return to a traditional patient-physician relationship. It eliminates insurance billing and fee-for-service healthcare which drive up costs and reduce personalized, patient-focused service. Instead, board-certified family physicians charge a low monthly fee for membership. This fee covers:

  • Unlimited office visits and same-day appointments
  • 24/7 access for questions and concerns via email, phone, and text
  • Common prescriptions at wholesale prices
  • In-depth annual physicals
  • Routine immunizations
  • Common in-office procedures

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Direct Primary Care for Employees

We understand that your employees are seeking accessible, affordable health care, and at Doc Matt Direct, we provide it. Because there are no copays, deductibles, or surprise fees, your employees don’t have to worry about sacrificing health for their budget.  

More importantly, we’re here when your employees need us. By eliminating the middleman, we’ve reduced cost and paperwork, which means we have a smaller patient list and more time to provide care. Whether your employees have a question in the middle of the night, or need a same-day appointment, we are able to see to get them taken care of.

When your employees receive care as soon as possible, they get better, faster, and that means they’re missing fewer days of work. With our customized annual physicals, we can offer the preventative care and wellness education that leads to improved health and better patient outcomes.

Direct Primary Care for Small Business Healthcare

By partnering with Doc Matt Direct for your small business healthcare, we can save you money, elevate employee satisfaction, and increase your productivity through fewer sick days and improved employee health. Pair your direct primary care membership with a high-deductible insurance plan to cover employee hospitalization for comprehensive coverage that is significantly less expensive for both your business and your employees while providing a better overall experience.

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